Monday, January 6, 2014

Brunch Fiesta Special: Dining at Masa in Boston's South End

If you're looking for brunch, Boston's Masa in the South End is a must-see venue. They offer a ritzy ambiance without the ritzy price, not to mention an incredibly unique Southwestern/Latin American menu. We dined here for their Brunch Fiesta Special and I already can't wait to go back for more!

The Ambiance

The vibe at Masa is sophisticated yet laid-back. With large gold-lined mirrors, a freshly refurbished ceiling, and white tablecloths, you can get away with bringing anyone from a date to a group of friends here.

The Food

Yellow Cornbread, Blue Cornbread & Spreads

We began with a delectable and interesting assortment of complementary Cornbread and Spreads. The lighter color you see is the standard cornbread, while the darker ones below are actually Blue Cornbread! The top, red spread is a raspberry chipotle, which had a light citrus punch to it. In the middle we have a sweet honey molasses, followed by the apricot jalapeno. Those who know me (and my sweet tooth) may assume the honey molasses was my favorite, but surprisingly the apricot jalapeno impressed me the most. The first flavor that hits you is the fruity apricot. It's not until later - after you think you've tasted it - that the slightly spicy kick shows up to the party. It's an ambush of flavor.

Caramelized Plantain Empanada

As part of Masa's Brunch Fiesta Special, we all chose the Caramelized Plantain Empanada to start with. I've never before encountered this genius pastry combination. With its outer flaky crust and sweet plantain innards, this dish is a reason in itself to give Masa a visit. 

Caramelized Plantain Empanada

Jalisco Chocolate Chip Pancakes

I ordered the Jalisco Chocolate Chip Pancakes with a side of bacon, and was not disappointed. The pancakes are small, so if you're looking for a big breakfast meal I would suggest going with another option, such as the Santa Fe Eggs Benedict (shown later in this post). But if you have a sweet tooth like me, these chocolate chip delights will hit the spot. Just grab a side of bacon and you'll be all set!

Side of Bacon

Santa Fe Eggs Benedict

Huevos Rancheros

Overall Experience

Masa is a hidden gem. For $7.95 you get a legit two-course menu, classy ambiance and great service. I highly recommend making the trip to have the Masa experience!

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  1. Looks like an awesome recipe! I was definitely leaning towards the apricot jalapeno spread as well, that sounds spectacular. Hope you're doing well Chelsea :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

    1. Thanks HVC! I'm having way too much fun exploring Boston's food scene, clearly! :D